After spending a month in lock-down you may be thinking your home just doesn’t have the space you need. Most of us would like more space in our home but we are often limited with the room we have to work with. Here are some tips to help you maximise the space you have and make it feel bigger.

Mirror mirror on the wall – it’s no secret that mirrors create an illusion of more light and space in any room. Reflecting the room creates more light and a sense of open space. Choose mirrors with thin, minimal frames and place them in darker areas of your home to open up the space.

Be Storage Savvy
No matter how tidy you naturally are, clutter seems inevitable and there are always those few items that never seem to have a home. When you notice things starting to pile up look for dead space in your home that you can add handy shelving or cupboards to. Check under your stairs, in your attic or inside furniture such as draws and chests – you’ll be surprised what you find.

Make Spaces Multi-functional
Combine rooms to create more space in others. Invest in smart pieces of furniture like a fold-away couch or a multifunctional sofa suite and get the best of both worlds. In your children’s rooms create zones for playing, sleeping and quiet time or studying. Consider furniture size and layout to ensure optimum use of the space and movement around furniture.

Re-purpose underused areas
Underutilised areas in your home can be used to create beautiful spaces for study nooks, storage or play areas. Cast your eye around your home for an underused corner, hallway or landing. These are often the perfect places to create an atmosphere for schoolwork, office or a hobby desk. Add bespoke floating shelves into the wall above the desk space to make it feel far more spacious and uncluttered.

Spring Clean Any Time of Year.
Maximize space in any room by auditing cupboards. Store out of season clothing in under bed storage containers and gather out-of-season throws or extra bedding to store away. Every room can use functional spring cleaning. So, if you haven’t used something in a while and can’t justify the space a piece of furniture takes up or simply don’t like something anymore, re home it! This goes for everything from clothes décor and furniture.

I hope these tips help create a more spacious environment in your home.
In some circumstances as life changes, your home’s layout may not fit your life as well as it once did. Perhaps your possessions and family have outgrown your current home and it’s time to consider finding a new space with more room. If I can help at all during this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out – I would love to help.

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